The Stories behind the Names


GCh Palakore's Checkered Flag


My husband and son are great Formula One racing fans, so when Victor was born, his colouring looked like the flag that is waved for the winner of the race.  So he became the "checkered flag"  And of course the winner of the checkered flag is the Victor of the race.


GCh Palakore's So Let It Be Written


His mother's call name is Story, so when a story is passed along it is "written".  A quote from an old movie is "So let it be written - so let it be done".   That is what Yul Brenner said when he was the Pharaoh.  So that's how Pharoah got his name.


Best in Specialty Show
, AmCh/Can GCh Palakore's Talisman


Lucky is the result of two bloodlines that have not be combined in decades. During delivery he came out first, then his sister had to come by C-section.  So he was the "lucky" one and she was the "jinx".  Mom's call name is "Charm" - A lucky charm is a "Talisman".
#2 Miniature Longhaired Dachshund in Canada 2017 and #3 in 2019


Ch Palakore's Perfect Alibi


Both of her parents have "perfect" in their registered names, so everyone in the litter did too.

Palakore's Perfect Timing

Palakore's Perfect Balance

Palakore's Perfect Storm and

Palakore's Perfect Alibi.  So if you have a perfect alibi, you've got a real good "story"


Ch Palakore's One Outa Four


Ch Palakore's One Outa Four


Her mom's call name is "Four"because she was the 4th girl I had gotten from Nepachee kennels in 4 decades (one every 10 years).  When we bred "Four" she didn't look pregnant so one night in our bedroom we heard a strange noise and sure enough there was one baby.   My son came up with One Outa Four - I thought it was great.  And of course if you have one out of four (1/4)  you have a "Quarter"


Palakore's Tune From Yesterday


Mom is "Quarter". Dad is "Boxcar Willie"(an old country singer).  I looked up Boxcar Willie's songs and he had one years ago called "Elmo the Weiner Dog".  So his call name is Elmo and his registered name is about a Tune From Yesterday 


Ch Palakore's Paperback Writer


Mom is "Story". Dad is "Boxcar Willie"(an old country singer).  So being a Beatles fan like I am -
a song about a story is "Paperback Writer" and another name for a paperback book is a "novel".


Ch Egbar N Palakore's Wildflower​


Her mom's call name is Meadow.  What can you find in a meadow - wild flowers.  Her dad's name is "Boxcar Willie.  What did he do?  Sing.  And the song "Wildflower" was the wedding song for her breeder Evette Clarke.  So that's how her name happened.


Ch Palakore's Amulet​


She came from a repeat breeding that produced "Lucky" - GCh Palakore's Talisman, so I wanted something to connect with his name.  The mom's call name is "Charm".  A synonym for Charm and Talisman is Amulet, which a small piece of jewellry or "trinket" that protects you from evil.

Jan & Terry Carr

Ontario, Canada




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