Don't cry because it's over
Smile because they had loved you

Ch. Pawprints Spellbound



    April 26 2014 - May 24 2021

                                Sire: Ch Lex-An Excaliber ML
                                Dam: Pawprints Extravagance

Charm won
Best Puppy in
Dachshund Club of Greater Ontario Specialty

Charm was the queen in our home
& our house will never be the same

Can/Am Ch. Nepachee's Boxcar Willie



     June 11 2005-  Sept 28 2019

                                Sire: Ch Nepachee's Kryptonite
                                Dam:  Ch Nepachee's Calendar Girl

2016 may side.jpg

Willie sired many Champions in Canada and the United States.  We were so pleased when he came to live with us in 2015.  He was a wonderful boy and we miss him.

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dec 2015.jpg
Nov 2013 b.jpg
Nov 2013.jpg

Hazel was always in the living room watching us as we watched tv.  Never made a noise, just enjoyed her retirement for years.  We miss you Hazel.

Ch. Taxvalpar Franzessca ML



       Dec 7 2007 -  June 30 2019

                      Sire: Cedar Hills Dragon Slayer 
                      Dam:  Ch Palakore's Unforgettable TVP


Ch. Taxvalpar Franzessca ML



       Dec 7 2007 -  June 30 2019

                      Sire: Cedar Hills Dragon Slayer 
                      Dam:  Ch Palakore's Unforgettable TVP

Nov 2013 b.jpg
Nov 2013.jpg

Hazel was always in the living room watching us as we watched tv.  Never made a noise, just enjoyed her retirement for years.  We miss you Hazel.

Ch. Palakore's Sweeter Than Wine



       July 8 2003 - Sept 13 2017

                      Sire: Ch Rustycreek Mighty Hercules                                    Dam:  Ich Leibden Sophie (USA)

Honey was a unique girl in that she only shared her love
with me and my mom and was genetically an e-red brindle.  
It's not the same here without you Honey

BEST IN SHOW Ch. Taxvalpar Brother Bear ML



                                 Dec 11 2003 - May 16 2016

                              Sire: Ch. Rustycreek Mighty Hercules                    

                             Dam: BISS Ch. Taxvalpar Whoa Nelly ML

The only Miniature Longhaired Dachshund to win 
Best In Show in Canada in 2009

Ch. Teckelwood Summertime



        June 5 2001 - January 11 2016

                      Sire: Beau Blooper of Cedar Hills ML                                     Dam:  Fairwinds Teckelwood Amber

Halo was the oldest Dachshund
in Canada to earn
a Grand Championship title.

Grand Ch. Palakore's Angel In Disguise




        Feb 25 2002 - July 6 2015

                             sire : Ch. Palakore's Master of Disguise        
                             dam : Taxvalpar Supernova ML 

Halo was #10 Dachshund in Canada when she was 11 years old

The titles and the shows were fun.  

She enjoyed every minute in the ring
but that wasn't why she was so special.  
Halo was "the Queen" of our house.  

Quiet, well mannered and gentle.  

The love she added to our home may never be replaced.  

This is how we remember you Halo.

Ch. Palakore's Evening Star




March 26 2001 - July 1 2015

sire : Ch Des-Ro's Dandelion       
dam : Nepachee's Palakore Nightstar



Also known as Evie or Evil, depending on the circumstance, she was the mother of Canada's #1 ML Dachs
for 2005 and 2006

Ch. Palakore's Fly Away Home CGC




June 3 1996 - Jan 18 2008

sire : Ch. Palakore's Tony the Tiger        
dam : Ch. Brenkerri Palakore Soleil 


Stacey was born while we lived in Quebec.  My friend Ursula at Taxvalpar kennels wanted her so I let her go on the condition that she return to me to have a litter.  So she flew to Alberta.  When the time came she flew back to me in Ontario.  After her litter she flew back to Alberta.  She had a litter for Ursula and was ready to start her show career, but Ursula was unsure if the judges would like her because of her unusually dark brindle colour.  So I had her flown back to me to show. 
When she was almost finished her Championship, Stacey and I flew together to Alberta, got her last two points and her Canine Good Citzen award the same weekend.


She was very appropriately named
Palakore's Fly Away Home

There will never be another like you Stacey

Palakore's Dark is the Sky 




March 23 2003 - July 14 2007

sire : Ch Nepachee's Jumpin Jack Flash       
dam : Ch Palakore's Evening Star


9 points, but a Champion in our hearts

Ch. Palakore's Quick As A Wink CD



Feb 2 1994 - July 8 2006

sire : Ch. Des-Ro's Dandelion        

dam : Ch. Palakore's Remember Me 


From a litter of four, her three brothers always seemed to be piled on top of her,  so my son named her "Pillow".  
She became his dog and he showed her to her Championship, taught her obedience from a book and finished her CD title with a high in class award.  
She truly loved her Boy and would do anything for him.  She even thought she should defend him when

I tried to wake him.  She growled a warning 
and then changed her mind when she realized 
I was the one who fed her.

She is greatly missed
and will never be forgotten.

Ch. Palakore's Remember Me 




May 19 1992 - Feb 11 2006

sire : Ch. Palakore's Hot Diggity Dog       
dam : Ch. Nepachee's Palakore Cinder 


Sold as a puppy and returned because she was"not show material", she went to the Skydome and was undefeated for the points.  So glad you came back to us Poppy.

You will always be "Remembered"

Ch. Palakore's Master of Disguise


#2 ML Dachshund in Canada 1995

Jan 5 1992 - May 9 2005

#2 Miniature Longhaired Dachshund 1995

sire : Ch Des-Ro's Dandelion
dam :Ch Palakore's E Minor


Once in a lifetime you are lucky enough to know  a dog like Spot.  He was the ultimate Showdog,  demanding that the judges look at the little black dog starting at the end of the hound group.  He didn't often stay at the end.  He could out-move any of the other hounds.


When he was born I didn't want another black and tan dapple male and put him up for sale.  The lady's money was on  the table, but she didn't have a fenced yard and didn't believe in confining a dog.  I gave her the money back and kept  him.  The hand of fate made sure he would stay with us.


He looked like a black  and tan, but a large gray spot between his front legs (that only his best friends would see), the lightning mark under his left ear and the silver smudge on the top of his head made him truly a dapple "disguised".


He won 11 puppy groups., 7 Group 4ths, 13 Group 3rds, 

10 Group 2nds and 8 Group 1sts.


In 72 career shows he placed in the group 52.8% of the time.   But more important than that, his tail never stopped wagging.  He never got tired, never had an off day.  He loved to show like no other dog before or since.


Even after he retired, every time he was bathed and groomed he would bounce at the door for days to go to the show.  He was ready.


We weren't ready for you to leave us Spot..........
you'll be with us in  our hearts forever.


"We could have missed the pain, 

But we'd have had to miss the dance"

Ch. Des-Ro's Dandelion




Jan 22 1990 - April 24 2004

sire : Ch Nepachee's Christmas Chorus
dam : Nepachee's Des-Ro Jasmine


Our first Dapple Dachshund.

 A gentleman with a kind spirit.

Ch. Palakore's E Minor




May 6 1989 - March 20 2003

sire : Ch Des-Ro's Palakore In Earnest ML          (recessive long)
dam : Ch Hippolytus Red Hot Palakore CD


She owned "all" the squeekies in our house

as well as our hearts.


Also known as Daisy or Bug, 
by any name...

we miss you.

Ch. Marsteffs Palakore In Jest



June 6 1991 - Oct 10 2002


Joker lived up to  his name as my daughter's obedience dog. At one show, he anticipated the recall so had already failed, but when they went in for the sits and downs, Joker was feeling apologetic for getting Jennifer upset.  During the down, he laid down, crawled around in front of her to her other side and flipped over onto his back (so was now facing backwards).  She left him to go to the other side of the ring and he realized he couldn't see her, so he curled into a U shape and laid there, looking at Jennifer the entire 3 minutes upside down wagging his tail.  Even the judge cracked up.  The entire arena was laughing.  That is why my daughter NEVER shows in anything but conformation :) 


Ch. Nepachee's Palakore Cinder



Dec 28 1986 - Jan 26 2002

sire Ch. Dachsheider's Silver Fox 
dam Ch. Des-Ro's Nepachee Jezzebelle (recessive long)


She was quiet and ladylike.  Loved her puppies and thought all the puppies in the house where hers.  A perfect grandma.

Ch. Des-Ro's Palakore In Earnest ML
 mahogany    recessive longhair 

June 28 1985 - Sept 1999

sire: Des-Ro's Nicholas Chrypffs MS 
dam:  Des-Ro's Slinky Symphony ML


               Our 1st ML male - He was "the Boss" 


Palakore's Rocket's Red Glare  



7 pts.
August 4 1998 - March 6 1999

sire Ch. Palakore's Nestles Quick 
dam Ch. Palakore's Solar Flare 

Cause of Death ~ Viral Infection

Ch. Palakore's Nestles Quick


                                    (U.S. pointed)
                 February 2 1994 - November 2 1998 
 littermate to Ch. Palakore's Quick As A Wink CD  
 sire Ch. Des-Ro's Dandelion 
 dam Ch. Palakore's Remember Me

Coco had just returned from being shown in the US.  He went into the backyard and jumped onto a picnic table that none of the other dogs had ever climbed on.  Then he jumped off.  HIs back was broken.  We hadn't realized a picnic table could be so dangerous. 

My 1st Dachshund ~ She started the love affair with the breed  Cause of death, car accident

Ch. Hippolytus Red Hot Palakore C.D.


                       December 4 1984 - August 18 1989
 sire: Ch. Clananna's Sheik at Hippolytus
( recessive longhair)
 dam: Hippolytus Gold Luck Georggie  

Palakore Blue Light


July 27 1989 - August 30 1990
sire Ch. Ebonydachs Mirrored Truffle MLD  
dam Ch. Nepachee's Palakore Cinder

cause of death: Parvovirus - even though all shots were current